4 Excellent Bathroom Renovation Project ideas

When planning a new home renovation project, it is easy to get to a point where the planning starts to feel a bit more like work; perhaps even more so than the actual work.  Or maybe the planning is starting to get tedious and you really want to dive in and get started, no matter how exhausting the work is going to be.

With the bathroom, for example, you have to deal with a lot of things in a relatively small space.  Renovco bathroom renovations can be very complex, perhaps the most complex project in your home.  When you remodel a bathroom you have to deal with a lot of delicate things positioned very closely together.  We are talking about electricity, structural, and plumbing all in extremely tight quarters.  Working on a bathroom, then, takes quite a bit of precision.

Or, at least, thorough planning.

So, in terms of planning a bathroom remodel, here are a few ways to get the most out of your money and time:


Upgrade your shower, toilet, and sink to “green” ones.  Don’t think about it; just do it.  It might be a little more expensive on the front end but it could save you a lot of money in utility bills. Perhaps more importantly, though, this might also bump up your home’s resale value should you decide to sell it, in the future.


It can be easy to extend or open up other rooms in the house: you knock down walls, after all. But most bathrooms cannot have this luxury.  Instead you have to get creative about the way you use and open up the space. From cabinets and shelving and other storage options, this type of upgrade might actually be among the easiest and most affordable.


Electricity is not something you should take lightly: if you are not well-versed in it, it may not be wise to attempt electrical work in your home.  You could install new lighting fixtures but you might also find that using different shades or eco-friendly bulbs might do the trick.


it is not something that everyone wants to talk about but your bathroom needs to have ventilation, too. When looking at remodeling a bathroom, it could be wise to make sure this aspect is working at its best (and replacing or upgrading it, if necessary).