The benefits of alternative paving

When it comes to the topic of paving, you will probably think of concrete and asphalt. The staples of modern infrastructure. Being around for centuries, these methods have proved themselves and were completely unmatched by anything. That was until recently, every year new methods of construction are developed, to out do all previous methods. This includes concrete and asphalt, but what could possible over come these giants of the paving world? Well, the answer to that question is permeable pavements. If you have never heard of permeable pavements, I will enlighten you on what they can do. Before I begin, let me highlight what they can offer. Permeable pavements can provide comparable surface strength, proper drainage and a cheaper price. But, how does it do all that?

Strength from within

Unlike traditional means of paving, permeable pavers does not rely on a poured mixture that lays a top of the ground. No, instead it works by making the ground itself strong enough for traffic. Though, you may wonder how this is even possible. It all starts out with a plastic sheet. Yes, a plastic sheet, but not just any old plastic sheet. This sheet has been specifically designed to for the job of a pavement. The sheet itself is comprised of little pots that hold any loose material that you can think of. The plastic sheet itself is able to handle most commercial vehicles on its own, then when coupled with the filler material itself, can strengthen the system multiple time. The sheet itself is made from various dimensions and comes with a variety accessories. Handling almost any type of paving job, from sidewalks, driveways and even large scale parking lots.  The versatility of this system, can handle almost anything you can think of, when it comes to pavements.

No more heat or pooling water

When it comes to the means of drainage, you will know that concrete and asphalt is not the best at it. Often being slick after rain fall and radiating hate on hot summer days. This is not an issue with permeable pavers. Their cup like design, allows water and heat to be absorbed into the ground, leaving a better surface to drive and walk on. Something that just cant be matched by traditional means. After all no one wants to walk around a parking lot like it was a dessert or swamp.


With this system, you can save up to fifty percent of what it would cost, if you used concrete. And it is comparable in strength to asphalt. The installation also sees a trend of fifty percent, when it comes time. Making it faster and cheaper. Permeable pavers has no need of heavy equipment to be constructed. Its maintenance furthers savings as well. Not needing any attention after being installed. It does not get potholes or cracks, since all water and heat are transferred to the ground beneath. Making this a method of paving that is worth a look.