GPS Servers Monitors the Vehicle Movements

The GPS trackers are used in different fields. There are many people who are completely dependent on these trackers in their business. For example the taxi fleet, where the drivers and the vehicles are completely monitored by the GPS server. The owner of the company should have a PC and an internet connection for monitoring the vehicles. The server can monitor and store the history of the track of the vehicles. The maps of the tracks can be changed according to the viewer’s convenience. Day to day data can be stored in the server to be viewed whenever necessary.

The servers are tuned to certain limits and if the vehicles cross the limits then there are alarms to alert the drivers. The speed alarm is sent if the vehicle is crossing the speed limit. The geofence alarm is sent if the vehicle is trying to cross the border which is set by the owner. If there is no charge in the GPS then the power alarm is sent to alert the driver to charge his GPS system. The alerts sent, distance covered by the vehicle report and the destinations reached is all noted by the server to give a future reference.

GPSgate tracking software is low-cost software which is easily affordable for the user. Installing this software is also very easy. The software can track persons, vehicles and the whole fleet of vehicles. Many people can track the same vehicle at a time. Many vehicles can be tracked at a time in one monitor. GPS system has made tracking very easy and the business owners are really happy with the system. Mishaps or any wrong tracks taken can be seen immediately and monitored immediately. Alert messages can be sent to the driver. Even if there is a theft of the vehicle, it can be traced