How To Maintain Commercial Buildings Properly

From schools to government buildings and shopping centres to stadiums, commercial buildings see hundreds and possibly thousands of people pass through the doors every day. As a result, structural damage and faded interiors are a common problem.

These problems can become worse over time so it is best to fix problems as soon as they appear. This will keep buildings in working order and prevent any long term damage. It will also encourage the general public to keep visiting, as people can be put off by buildings which appear run down.

This is a guide to maintaining commercial buildings properly.

Annual Repainting

Paintwork can become chipped and faded, giving buildings a shabby appearance. This can be a particular problem in schools, where students may be tempted to draw or graffiti on the walls. With this in mind, commercial buildings need to be repainted at least once a year to keep them looking fresh. There are many quality commercial painters in Perth who can provide a full repaint at a reasonable price.

It has been proved by studies that repainting commercial buildings can have a positive impact on people’s mood. This can be true of a local theatre or sports stadium which may be the focal point of the community; This is also true of schools – some studies have shown that pupils perform better in schools which can maintained to a high standard and are painted in bright pastel colours rather than drab greys and browns.


Over time, tiles can become loose as the grout is worn away by the elements or repeated use. It is important to deal with any loose tiles as soon as they appear – as well as being unsightly, damaged tiles can potential be a hazard to anyone walking nearby if they happen to fall after becoming loose. At the worst, this could result in a personal injury lawsuit if someone is hit by the debris.


Plaster on walls can become cracked if it is not applied correctly or thickly enough. Older plastering is likely to flake, and the elements can also cause damage to plastering on outside walls, especially if there is a lot of moisture on the walls.


Commercial buildings can have problems with electricity if they are not wired properly or the wiring needs to be replaced. This can cause several problems – buildings may lose revenue if they have regular powercuts or problems with electricity, or cause problems for the wider community: for example if a government facility has regular power outages this can inconvenience employees and make them unable to work effectively. As a result public services could be disrupted and have a negative impact on the lives of the general public.

This guide is intended as a brief introduction to how to properly maintain commercial buildings, however there are other steps which can be taken. Please make sure to fully research more ways in which commercial buildings can be looked after.